About Us

The Association of Maine Interpreters and Translators (AMIT) is a non-profit organization committed to:

  • The professional integrity, development and improvement of those interpreters and translators who provide interpreting and translation services in the state of Maine, and
  • The advancement of professional interpreters and translators in the state of Maine.

AMIT members recognize that the ability to interpret and translate well requires professional skills, knowledge and training above and beyond the ability to speak two languages. AMIT members care about professionalism and the quality of interpreting and translation services that they provide. Membership in AMIT is open to all those employed in, interested in, or concerned with interpreting and translation.

AMIT objectives are:

  • To advocate and promote the recognition of interpreting and translating as professions in the State of Maine.
  • To advocate for State of Maine legislation requiring the use of qualified interpreters and translators.
  • To advocate for and promote the use of interpreters and translators living and working in the state of Maine.
  • To advance and protect the interests of all interpreters and translators working in the State of Maine and to also be available and accessible to those individuals from the more isolated rural areas with less access to professionally related services and resources.
  • To follow and adhere to a code of ethics for Interpreters and Translators, for those professional interpreters and translators working in Maine.
  • To advocate for certification and competence in the practice of interpreting and translating, and,
  • To serve as a resource for interpreters and translators throughout Maine via meetings, workshops, an annual conference and other activities to promote education, networking, and cooperation among members.